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Kindred Heart - 'City of Angels' Organic Cotton Pinafore Dress 2.jpg

Sustainable + Ethical Clothing Label, Designed + Made In Australia.

At sticks + stone, we craft every product with love, compassion + integrity. We design, develop + produce in ethical environments using the finest certified, sustainable organic materials, which are sourced globally.

Designed with the fashion lover at heart, the collection carries the environmental & social values that the label lives + breathes.

The collection explores the fashion lovers role as the catalyst in the fashion design process & how their purchasing decisions set off a ripple effect through the production chain.

We aims to inspire fashion lovers to make more conscious decisions when it comes to their wardrobe, for better social & environmental outcomes.

The collection boasts feature silhouettes & bright, bold prints, balanced with everyday staples. All crafted ethically with sustainable materials to create timeless quality pieces, designed to be loved & worn for years to come.

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