"I want people to see the dress, but focus on the woman" - VERA WANG



We’ve all felt it - those days when you look + feel good. Those days that you are full of positive energy. Those good days.

At sticks + stone we’re for more of those days, for everyone. We’re for creating beautiful, ethical clothing that fits perfectly, so you look good + feel good, knowing that your choice is making a positive difference.

But it doesn't just end there...

We’re here to inspire you to use these positive energies for good. No matter what the contribution, who it’s for, or where it takes place; those choices are up to you.

Together we can create more of those really good days for everyone. Collectively, we can feel good + be good.


Studies show that human happiness is derived from key intrinsic values like: close relationships, personal growth + giving back, or belonging to a cause. As opposed to extrinsic values that are often glorified in todays society like: wealth, image + status.

From our perspective this is best summarised by one of our favourite quotes;

"One day, if you’re lucky, you realise we’ve had it backwards all along. There is so much more to be gained by the things you give, than the things you take." - JM STORM.



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